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About us

Desi Bag Packer will beat the rhythm of its readers. Are you confused about which destination to choose for your vacation? Are you not able to plan a perfect budget? Is it difficult to decide the medium of your travel? We are determined to decrypt your never-ending queries related to your traveling experience.

Travelling is like catharsis, which helps you to relieve stress and designs fresh avenues for exploration. However, inappropriate choices and unruly decisions without prior scrutiny can result in serious repercussions, viz; pessimistic traveling experience. Thus, Desi Bag Packer is here to help you decide the best possible destination according to your desired catharsis.

We will provide genuine blogs on various tourist destinations, their pros, and cons, their budget, their medium of travel, etc.

You can contact us to suggest your favorite destinations and we will write blogs on that too, if not written already.