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best time to visit manali

best time to visit manali

Kullu and Manali are two stations in the territory of Himachal Pradesh arranged in the snow-covered slopes of the Himalayas. Both these traveler places top the rundown of most famous vacationer locations in India. Kullu is popular for valleys, pleasant locales, and sanctuaries while Manali is known for streams, mountains, and experiential exercises. Vacationers from various pieces of the nation come here for occasions, getting a charge out of snowfall, mountaineering, traveling, and skiing. This slope station is encircled by tremendous snow and thick deodar woodlands, because of which its excellence is alluring.

Manali weather

The weather in Manali is always good. But when it comes to roaming, it is not understood in which season we should go there. It depends on your choice what kind of weather you like. If you want to enjoy the snowfall, then you should go between December and January. But if you want to enjoy the normal climate, then you can come here between April and June. This is the best time to visit manali.

November to February weather

The weather of Manali remains quite cold from November to February. Snowfall starts here after 20th December. Snow lovers like to come here at this time. Here you can go skiing and snow in Bhrigu Lake and Beas Kund.

March to June weather

The weather here is very nice from April to June. Those who do not like the cold climate, prefer to come to Manali at this time. And if seen, at this time the maximum number of people come to visit here. The reason for this is also that there is a lot of heat in other places at this time, but the temperature of Manali is worth visiting here. That’s why people come to visit Manali with their families. Rohtang Darda opens in the second week of May which you can visit. Apart from this, one can see the magnificence of Solang Valley, go rafting in the Beas River, go paragliding, and trekking on high routes like Hampta and Tibba Pass.

July to October weather

Manali receives heavy rainfall from July to October. This is the reason that people do not like to come here at this time. During the monsoon season, clouds begin to cover Manali. The entire Manali is seen wrapped under black and white clouds floating in the sky. There is strong lightning in the sky. There is also a lot of rain here in these months. If you want to see the greenery of Manali, then you can come in these months. Although tourists come here less in these months, hence it is considered as off-season in Manali.

winter season temperature

The temperature of Manali drops a lot in winters. A mild winter starts in Manali from October and remains cold till the end of February. Snowfall enthusiasts like to come here from December to the end of January, the temperature here remains something like this in the winter months.October  14°C/10°C

November  12°C/08°C

December  06°C/-1°C

January  04°C/-1°C

February  06°C/1°C

Summer season temperature

The summer season is considered very good in Manali. More people come here to visit during this season. The reason for this is also that children have a summer vacation at this time. People come with their families to enjoy these holidays, the temperature remains like this in the summer months.

March 11°C/08°C

April 14°C/10°C

May 20°C/13°C

June 25°C/15°C

Monsoon season Temperature

Monsoon is considered to be the off-season of Manali. From July to August, there is heavy rainfall here. Manali looks green after heavy rains. In a way, it can also be said that its beauty increases. The temperature here during the monsoon months is like this.

July 22°C/12°C           rain- 21 days

August 25°C/12°C       rain- 17 days

September 25°C/10°C  rain- 10 days

5  places to visit in Manali

1- Solang Valley

best time to visit manali-solang valley

Arranged in the Manali Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Solang Valley is a spot that welcomes vacationers, experience devotees, experience sports darlings, and film characters to visit over and over. Solang Valley is a popular and roaming vacationer location in Manali. Arranged at an elevation of 300 meters, the valley reaches out to the vacationer interest. This valley is otherwise called Snow Point. It is located between Vyas Kund and Solang Valley. During winters, vacationers partake in skiing contests coordinated here. This opposition is coordinated during winters under the name of the Winter Skiing Festival. Vacationers can appreciate outings, paragliding, bumping, and horse riding here. There is additionally a sanctuary here which is devoted to Lord Shiva. This sanctuary is arranged on the highest point of the slope, which is visited by a large number of travelers consistently.

2- Rohtang Pass

best time to visit manali-Rohtang pass

Rohtang Pass is situated a ways off of 50 kms from Manali. Arranged at an elevation of 4111 km above ocean level, this pass is the most noteworthy place of the street on the planet. Where consistently a great many vacationers from everywhere the world drop by. From here you can get a marvelous perspective on the mountains and glacial masses. Alongside this, you can likewise come here and do exercises like journeying, mountain trekking and paragliding. By going close to Rohtang, you will feel that the land here has covered a sheet of snow. You will see snow all around here. Rohtang Pass opens each year in May and is shut in September because of hefty snowfall. Consent must be taken ahead of time to head out to Rohtang Pass.

3- Manikaran Gurudwara

This Gurudwara has situated a good way off of 80 km from Manali and the Parvati waterway streams boisterously outside this Gurudwara. In the event that you go to the gurdwara, unquestionably take the langar. Langar runs non-stop here. There is a Shiva sanctuary outside the Gurdwara which is accepted to be of Dwapar Yuga. Furthermore, it is said that in this sanctuary Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva did atonement for a very long time. A heated water tank is additionally present close to this sanctuary. What’s more, it is said that when Mata Parvati was doing a water worm, one of the uncommon cash in her ears fell into the water and Lord Shiva turned out to be exceptionally furious when she didn’t discover it. Because of which Sheshnag tossed uncommon cash at this spot, from that point forward the marvel proceeds at this spot, and boiling water actually comes out from that spot.

4- Jawaharlal Nehru Great Himalayan National Park

best time to visit manali-make your trip memorable

It is otherwise called Jawaharlal Nehru Great Himalayan Park. Also, this National Park is one of the significant attractions of Kullu. Alongside this, this park spread more than 50 square kilometers is the fortress of numerous creatures, birds and verdure. This public park is particularly known for the insurance of the endangered Kaya bird. Alongside this, you will see numerous lovely terminated wild creatures in this park. Alongside this, you can likewise see numerous wiped out vegetation in this park.

5- Jogini Waterfall

It is a characteristic waterfall that meets the Beas River through the Kullu valley underneath, this spot is the heavenly spot of Kabuki Devi Jogini. Furthermore, simultaneously it is additionally viewed as a position of female force, thus this spot is known as Shaktipeeth. Remaining under these waterfalls, you can partake in the intriguing perspective while taking a gander at the mountains and the fields. There is a sanctuary under this cascade and another principal sanctuary is worked beneath it, where ceremonies are held.

Some Historical Facts about Manali

  • Manali is named after the popular Hindu legislator Manu. Manali was before known as Manu Allaya meaning the homestead of Manu.
  • Manali is a group of three contiguous hills, each containing a city and an old sanctuary. Old Manali has Manu Sanctuary, Vasistha has Vashishta Sanctuary, and Dhungri has Hadimba Sanctuary.
  • There are numerous European cafes in Manali. This is on the grounds that European sightseers investigated the region, hitched local people, and began their own cafe.
  • The Hidimba Temple in Manali is made of immense deodar wood. Its greatness is 400 years of age.
  •  Manali is well known for gutsy games like mountaineering, journeying, and skiing.


What is the distance from Delhi to Manali?

The distance from Delhi to Manali is 540 km. It takes comfortably 12 to 14 hours to reach here. The fastest way to reach Manali is by flight.

How many buses from Delhi to Manali?

Various conspicuous administrators utilize transports from Delhi to Manali guaranteeing promptness and security for its travelers. Major administrators offering different sorts of transport administrations are.

Who is the nearest railway station to Manali?

Joginder Nagar rail route station is the closest railhead to Manali that associates the slope station with a few significant urban communities of the country. Chandigarh and Ambala are other alternatives to arrive at Manali via train.

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