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Best time to visit Ooty

best time to visit ooty

Ooty is a beautiful city set on the wonderful slopes of the Nilgiris. The official name of this city is Utkamanda and it has been given the shortened name of Ooty for the sightseeing accommodation. Many visitors come to this slope station located in the south of India. The city is a part of the Nilgiris region of Tamil Nadu. The Nilgiri slopes that surround the city of Ooty enhance its beauty. These slopes are also called the Blue Mountains. Some groups accept that the place got its name from the flowers of Kurinji, which grow once every 12 years in the valleys here. These flowers are blue in color and when they bloom they give a blue color to the valleys.  South India’s most famous hill station in Ooty, which is in Tamil Nadu, and is famous for its beautiful mountains, tea gardens, and red-roofed bungalows. Situated amidst dense forests in the Nilgiri Hills, Ooty was developed as a summer retreat during British rule. For its natural beauty and greenery, the famous Ooty is visited by tourists throughout the year.

Everyone Must Know About Ooty Weather

Although tourists come to enjoy the Ooty weather throughout the year, the best time to visit Ooty is between April and June and September to November. While the months of March to June are hot all over India, the weather in Ooty is very good. The temperature does not rise more than 20 degrees Celsius and there is no problem with visiting Ooty during the day. There is heavy rainfall from July to September due to tourists. Whereas, due to winter between October and February, the temperature here is less than 5 °C. Due to the position of Ooty, the weather here remains pleasant throughout the year. However, in winter, the weather here is colder than in other parts of South India.

Winter season

Winter in Ooty starts at the end of October and continues till February. We call it the winter season. You need to face actual snowfall and a rainy environment. At that time, this season will be the best season to face it. You don’t see an excess of green in a snowy environment, which can be accompanied by ice-cold temperatures, which is ideal for holiday couples. The winter season is also the best time to visit Ooty.

Summer season

Summer weather will be the top traveler season in Ooty. We call it the On Season, and the season begins from 15 April to 15 June. The climate will be sweltering in the daytime, and cold in the evening. It is best for all sorts of vacationers to visit Ooty. Ooty will be greener during this season. Blossom shows, organic product shows, and a lot more will end up drawing in sightseers during this season. In the same way, the lodging duty will also be at the top during this time. You may expect little showers during the last part of June.

Monsoon season

Ooty has a monsoon season from 15th July to 15th October. During the rainy season, some more stormy atmospheres, sometimes heavy storms, can be expected. The best weather for special night couples and photographic artists. You can get the best shoot-out time during this season. Seek the sun and go out on excursions. Close your beloved under an umbrella. This will be the most remarkable excursion where you can guess the astonishing things to do in this season.

What is the temperature in Ooty in Months?


It is still winter in Ooty in January. However, the days become a bit more limited and warm. As a rule, the most severe winter kicks off in December and, as the new year begins, the climate improves. The temperature goes from around 24 to 08 degrees Celsius. Days can be bright while evenings can be cool. Even if it is bright, you will constantly feel a noticeable slight chill all around you. The rainfall during this month is not exceptionally heavy, yet you can expect little rain. In this month, the temperature remains up to 24 °C during the day, but it is very cold during the night because the temperature drops to 6 °C.


In February, the weather gets closer to summer and the days become a bit warmer. The day temperature is generally considered to be 26 °C, while in the evening it rises to 10 °C. You can expect great daylight hours for around 8 hours. There is not much rain this month. Also, this month the humidity and heat are also less. In this month, the temperature remains up to 26 degrees Celsius during the day, but it gets a little cooler during the night because the temperature drops to 10 degrees Celsius.


Late spring begins in March and the days start to get dreadful. The walk marks the beginning of the tourist season in Ooty. The daytime temperature overall hovers around 27 degrees, which is lovely without being overly hot. Also, there is sunshine for about 12 hours. Thus, you can exercise more in a day when you visit Ooty in March. Evenings will remain cool under any conditions, with a normal temperature of around 11 degrees Celsius.


The weather in Ooty in April is basically amazing. Hot days with temperatures soaring up to 28°C, make it ideal for you to check out the city. This month we will have about 12 hours of sunshine and 8 hours of daylight. It is possible that some days you may have to face light drizzle as well, although the weather becomes pleasant due to light rain, due to which the temperature comes up to 12 degrees celsius at night.


The climate in Ooty is consistently bright in May. Similarly, there is a possibility of rain during the third or last seven days of the month of May. The environment around the city is decent in the long run of May. The found mean value of the most extreme temperature will be 31°C. In 2019, the most extreme temperature observed in Ooty during the May period was 36 degrees Celsius. This year you can expect the most extreme temperatures of up to 25 degrees Celsius for the first 12 days and from that point onwards it may decrease.


The month of June is stormy in Ooty. Anyway, this month received very little rainfall and did not affect many of the guests afterward. As it rains in the city during this season, the new farm front gets rained down and becomes seriously enchanting. This is an optimum time for natural monasteries to take part in nature at its best. Excursions are possible and, moreover, you can take part in the greener, newer, and more gorgeous side of Ooty. In Ooty, the highest morning temperature in June is 20 °C and the night temperature drops to around 11 °C. The sun shines for about 4 hours a day. If you are going to travel this month, please put on some comfortable clothes.


The month of July sets up hurricane season in Ooty. It is a month of extreme rainfall in which the city receives a moderate to heavy deluge, thus interfering with tourism. The month of July offers a cold climate. Exercising in the open air will be troublesome. The city gets less agglomeration and this period is suitable for those who love rain and who need to stay away from the herds. In July, the highest morning temperature in Ooty is 18 °C and the night temperature drops to around 10 °C.


In August, Ooty experiences a rainy climate. The days are generally shady at that time and with sprinkles during the night. The continuous rain gives a feeling of coolness. It can be very difficult to go out and go sightseeing during this month. It is great to visit Ooty in August, assuming that is all you need to take part in the new green splendor of the Nilgiri Mountains. Assuming that you need to take a trip to the Untamed Life Safe Refuge to take a brief look at the wild creatures, you can outline your movements during this month. The climate of Ooty in August will be cloudy, foggy, and there will be an absence of daylight. During this month, the temperature remains between 12 and 19 °C for the most part. Since this month is the slowest time of the year, accommodation and resorts in Ooty can provide such arrangements and limits that you can take advantage of to save money on your facility costs.


The Ooty climate in September is a decent blend of storm showers, irregular daylight, and chilliness. The rainstorm gradually slows down during this month. Temperatures range from 13 to 20 degrees Celsius. The downpour showers bring a chill that is wonderful and agreeable. Notwithstanding, you should take note that occasionally, it could continue sprinkling and coming down for quite a long time. Along these lines, you need to plan properly when you visit Ooty during the storm season. For what it’s worth, during the slow time of year, you can get extraordinary arrangements and limits from lodgings and resorts.


Winter gradually sets in Ooty in October. After the rainstorm has downpours, Ooty will have a perfect and green look. The climate in Ooty during October is cold. Hazy mornings, low temperatures, and early nightfalls are standard during this month. At times, there are incidental downpour showers. Temperatures range somewhere between 14 and 23 degrees Celsius during this month. October is the start of the second season in Ooty. As it is the subsequent season, inn rates might be a touch higher, so plan well ahead of time and book at your convenience.


The climate in November is cold as the colder time of year totally sets in. You can encounter hazy mornings, early nightfalls, and cold evenings on the off chance that you visit Ooty during this month. Temperatures can go as high as 21 degrees Celsius during the daytime and drop to around 9 or 11 degrees Celsius in the evenings. Along these lines, this month is an incredible opportunity to visit Ooty as you can partake in the places of interest in the daytime and twist up in comfortable dress in the night and experience the genuine pith of the mountains.


It is the pinnacle of winter in Ooty in December. The daytime temperatures are normal at around 20 – 22 degrees Celsius, while during the evenings, the temperatures can go as low as 7 degrees Celsius. In the event that you wish to encounter the magnificence of the colder time of year, plan your visit to Ooty during December. In any case, do take note that, as it is a popular vacation season, convenience rates might be somewhat higher. Prescribe you to design your excursion and make your booking ahead of time to ensure reserve funds. It very well may be charmingly warm in the mornings and, unexpectedly, the virus can sneak in. Thus, when you go on your tour, convey a comfortable dress, regardless of whether it feels warm when you start toward the beginning of the day.

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