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Places to visit in Shimla

places to visit in shimla

Shimla, an excellent hill station, is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Located at an elevation of 2202 meters above ocean level, this spot is otherwise called ‘Summer Refuge’ and ‘Sovereign of Hill Stations’. The present Shimla locale was built in 1972. The name of this spot is derived from ‘Shyamala’, another name for ‘Maa Kali’. Jakhoo, Prospect, Observatory, Elysium, and Samar are the significant slopes of this spot. In 1864, this spot was announced as the mid-year capital of British India. After autonomy, this spot was likewise the capital of Punjab for quite a while. Later, Shimla was made the capital of Himachal Pradesh. 

Snow-covered mountains, wonderful lakes, lovely vegetation, a charming environment, you can get this all together in one spot. That is Shimla. This delightful city in Himachal Pradesh draws in individuals from everywhere in the nation and abroad for the sake of the ‘Sovereign of Hill Stations’. There are also cold mountains here, so there is also lovely plant life. It is the best option for recently wedded couples to celebrate their special night in India. There is such inebriation and enchantment in the environment here that one who comes here once becomes wild about this spot. He needs to come here over and over again. There is a considerable rundown of alluring and renowned places in Shimla. It would not be right to say that Shimla is one of the most loved travelers‘ objectives in India. Shimla can be visited whenever of the year. It looks delightful in each season.

Winter season

The hill station becomes mesmerizing in this season. An important justification for this is Shimla’s weather in winter. The normal temperature remains constant at around 8°C and can drop to –7°C. Winter first spreads its virus on Shimla in November and later continuously submerges the entire hill station from December to January, when it is at its coldest. Cold winds blow in Shimla, due to which the temperature drops significantly. Snowflakes dance on the ground until they sink into a fine mass on the ground. causing a change in the weather

Late fall in Shimla is an incredible chance to visit the hill station and its various holiday destinations. Winter is a perfect opportunity to go out for shopping, check out the regular scenery or visit the best places to visit in Shimla, like Viceregal Lodge, Botanical Garden, Kali Bari Temple, and Darlaghat. As the weather cools, turn your eyes to the incline—where you can travel, or ski, depending on your inclination. Well, it’s time to start some naughty stuff-pack a chunk of that snow into a ball and let it fly and you’ll see how quickly a snowball fight can begin. Lie back in the snow and make a wonderful snow angel with your hands and feet – this is the season to be truly content. It is also an ideal occasion for the Shimla Winter Carnival, where one can enjoy ice skating, skiing, snowman building, and other social occasions. You can also celebrate traditional festivals like Bhoj Mela, Navratri, Diwali, Christmas, and Lohri.

Winter Temperature

Winters in Shimla start in October. The day temperature in Shimla in October remains up to 18 degrees Celsius, but it drops sharply during the night, which can go up to 12 degrees Celsius. Shimla sees snowfall in abundance in the months of December and January. Skiing and skating enthusiasts prefer to come here in winter. Winters in Shimla last till the end of February. From the last week of December, the temperature in Shimla dropped to-1 degree celsius at night for the entire month of January.

Summer Season 

In summer, Shimla gets heated slowly by the rays of the sun. Summer is moderate (generally) and the weather is wonderful. The season begins almost like the spring season before the arrival of summer. The temperature goes from 16 °C to 18 °C. Laden with green trees and hills, the winter snow softens to uncover a sparkling Shimla laden with blooming flowers under a blue vault of the sky. The nights are somewhat crisp, though generally a treat when it comes to the weather. A large number of people from the surrounding towns and urban areas return to Shimla to escape the summer heat.

The view of Shimla in summer is very beautiful. With wonderful days and cool evenings, you can check out the hill station without stress. Winter sports are traded for summer antics. You can spend this entire season climbing, paragliding, camping, traveling, boating, and from there, the sky’s the limit. Head to Chharaba, Kufri, Narkanda, or Naldehra (all arranged around Shimla) to participate in these exercises. If you’re taking a gander at Shimla in the more slack summer, take a tour of nearby sights such as Jakhoo Temple, Woodville Palace, Christ Church, and Tara Devi Temple. If you are feeling festive, all things considered, summer has plenty of festivities for you in the form of Holi, Baisakhi, and Sipi fairs. You too can attend the Shimla Summer Festival and witness the variety of some incredible exhibitions completed by artisans in and around the public. At the end of the festival, you will see the Slope Station’s grandeur exhibition-Miss Shimla.

Summer is the best time for many people to visit Shimla. The sun and flowers are sprouting throughout, the climate is clear, and the slope station is available to investigate.

The mid-year months are characterized by warm days, cool evenings, and intermittent showers of rain. The period of May sees a severe rise in temperatures, so remember that before booking your tickets.

Summer Temperature

Summer in Shimla starts in March. The day temperature in Shimla in March remains up to 16 degrees Celsius but drops sharply during the night time due to cold air which can go up to 12 degrees Celsius. Shimla is visited by a lot of tourists in the months of March and June to enjoy the beautiful weather and to enjoy their holidays. which reduces the heat. Due to this, the heat here lasts only till June. Even in this month, you may have to face light rain. The temperature here also changes due to rain.

Monsoon Season 

Shimla is hung in significantly more than one sheet of wet downpour and a thick drapery of moistness looms past that certain point station. Hefty precipitation washes the slope station clean, leaving the trees and bumpy slants verdant and sparkling. Nonetheless, Shimla gets a yearly 1400 mm of rain during this season, considerably impeding your capacity to go out and investigate your environmental factors. Rainstorm is authoritatively the off-season in Shimla, but it is ideally suited for those searching for a spending trip. Precipitation begins around mid-July and reaches out till September. Fortunately, notwithstanding the moistness, Shimla stays cool during the rainstorm. 

With the substantial and nonstop downpour, the climate in Shimla in storm months makes it hard to wander excessively far. In any case, you can in any case investigate the slope station, particularly the exhibition halls, sanctuaries, and the bistros and eateries nearby. This is also the hour of the Royal celebration, which is done with incredible excitement by local people. Go along with them in saying thanks to the downpour of divine beings and make a contribution to guarantee that they stay glad. 

Since storms are viewed as a slow time of year, you might track down an extraordinary arrangement with regards to inn facilities or travel costs overall. If you’re on a tight spending plan, this is an incredible opportunity to visit and exploit the general value drop. 

Although low spending plans and a lavish green valley make for incredible motivation to visit Shimla during this season, we need to caution you that the substantial precipitation makes Shimla inclined to avalanches. Hence, there is a danger when you travel to Shimla during the storm season. You may not see everything in Shimla during this season, so remember that too.

Monsoon Temperature

The monsoon starts in Shimla in July. If the weather is clear, then the day temperature this month will go up to 28 degrees Celsius. In the month of July, it is so rare that the weather is clear because there is a lot of rainfall in this month. Water sliding enthusiasts like to come here in the months of July and August. It receives 25 days of rainfall in the month of July and 18 days in the month of August, and you may encounter little to no rainfall in the months of June and September as well. The temperature here keeps on fluctuating due to rain.

9 places to visit in Shimla where you can get rid of your daily stressful life.


places to visit in shimla - kufri

Kufri is a spot situated a good way off, 17 km from Shimla Hills station, which draws in a ton of travelers coming here. Located at a height of 2510 meters in the lower regions of the Himalayas, this slope station is particularly preferred by naturally sweethearts and experienced devotees. On visiting Kufri, you will see numerous fabulous perspectives and, interestingly, you won’t see a lot of hordes of vacationers here. On the off chance that you will visit Shimla, you should visit Kufri once, on the grounds that here you will see many captivating perspectives.

2-The Ridge

desibagpacker - the ridge

The Ridge Shimla, situated at the focal point of Shimla, is a huge and open street situated along the Mall Road. The Ridge is where you will see a ton. Here you will discover tremendous perspectives on the snow-covered mountain ranges, and shops selling claim to fame antiquities. 

The most unique thing about The Ridge is that this spot was the most exceptional spot to remain throughout the late spring during British time. This delightful spot in Shimla draws a great number of sightseers coming here. The Ridge isn’t just a market, yet it is likewise the social focus of a city in a city. This beautiful spot in Shimla is loaded with local people and explorers. The road is additionally home to numerous bistros, bars, stores, shops and eateries that draw in tremendous groups.

3-Mall Road

mall road - explore your trip in desi style

Mall Road, arranged underneath the edge, is a spot in Shimla which is loaded with numerous shops, bistros, cafés, book shops, and numerous vacation destinations. In the event that you stay on Mall Road, you will be amazed at seeing everything here. The Shopping Center Road is situated in the core of Shimla and houses numerous eateries, clubs, banks, shops, mailing stations, and tourist workplaces. You can likewise see the regular magnificence of Shimla from this street. Shopping Center Road is one such spot which draws in the horde of sightseers visiting Shimla.

4-Jakhu Hill

spots to visit in shimla - jhaku hill

Jakhu Hill, located only 2 km from Shimla, is the most noteworthy pinnacle of this whole slope station, which gives a brilliant perspective on the city and the snow-covered Himalaya Mountains. The 8000-foot high Jakhu Hill is a renowned vacation spot in Shimla Hills Station, which is a famous spot for nature lovers as well as travelers. There is an old sanctuary on this slope named Jakhu Temple. This sanctuary is devoted to Hanuman and it has an immense icon of Hanuman. This sanctuary is one of the significant tourist attractions in Shimla.

5-Christ Church

places to visit in shimla-christ curch

Christ Church is a very popular place in Shimla. Located on The Ridge, this church was constructed in the year 1857, which took almost 3 years to complete the architectural marvel. Glass windows, clock tower and frescos are some of the attractions in Christ Church. This church also has the largest pipe organ in India, which you must have seen in many Bollywood movies, like 3 Idiots.

6- Tattapani


If you want to do river rafting then you must go to Tattapani. The distance from Shimla to Tattapani is approximately 57 kms. Most of the time of river rafting is from 7 am to 6 pm all day of the week. Most of the river rafting cost starts from Rs. 1500 per. Tattapani has many more tourist attractions like Himalayan caves, hot spring water, trekking trails etc.

7- Toy Train

spots to visit in shimla-toy trail

One of the most special rides of Shimla is the toy train. The toy train that runs from Kalka to Shimla shows you many beautiful places and stations. The toy train traverses the lush green forest, hill slopes, and other things. Winter is the best time to ride a toy train because the toy train track is covered with snow and you enjoy your beautiful ride with beautiful scenery.

8- Kalka


Shimla Railway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site just as being the slope rail route station of India. This rail course was worked by the British to Shimla alongside other rail route lines in India in the year 1898. It runs from Kalka (a city in Haryana) to Shimla and goes through a few places of interest like Summer Hill, Solan, and some more. On the off chance that you are staying with Shimla, unquestionably like this train. This train will give you a vivid travel insight through many passages and scaffolds with numerous amazing perspectives.

9- Kullu

kullu - desibagpacker

Kullu overall is a well-known traveler objective in relationship with Manali, which is an open valley with its all-encompassing perspectives and superb slopes covered with deodar trees. Arranged at a height of 1230 meters, Kullu is perhaps the most mainstream vacationer in Himachal Pradesh because of its all encompassing perspectives. Allow us to tell you that the vacationers who come here typically prefer to meander both Kullu and Manali together. Arranged in the lap of nature, this humble community will enter the meeting vacationers with its pleasant scenes. You can likewise visit some significant sanctuaries in Kullu like Raghunath Temple and Jagannath Devi Temple.

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